Concert works |

Агажанов. Pax in terra.

Agazhanov. "Pax in terra"
("Peace on Earth")

Tone poem (fragment)

Farewell in June

dir. by S. Lomkin

Fragment of movie - beginning

J.S. Bach

Brandenburisches Konzert  D-dur №5   BWV1050

(fragment of 1st movement -  cadenza and ending)

Agazhanov. "Way of Poet"

Vocal-symphony poem,
verses by M. Lermontov

(fragment  -  №7-8)

Theatre/ Cinema |

Кьоджинские перепалки

"Chioggia' squabbles"

"Satiricon", dir. by K. Raikin

fragment of performance - finale

Piano performance |

Равель. Вальс

Ravel. Valse

(fragment of recital)

Concert works |

Агажанов. Шесть японских хайку

Agazhanov. Six Japanese haiku

Vocal cicle (№1),
verses by Kobajashi Issa

Concert works |

Глинка-Агажанов. Ария Черномора

Aria of Blackmore

From musical performance
"Ruslan, Ludmila and Blackmore"
(tale about love)

CD |

И.С. Бах. Прелюдия es-moll (ХТК, I; BWV 853)

J.S. Bach
Prelude es-moll
(WTK, I; BWV 853)

fragment of CD " Unknown to anybody Bach"

Projects |

Видеоряд к речитативу отречения Петра  из Страстей по Матфкею И.С. Баха

Picture for Recitative of Denial of Peter from "Matthews Passion" of J.S. Bach

From concert project "Bible Music"

Projects |
В рамках инновационного проекта Дисклавир-Россия

Remote lesson Vladivostok - Moscow

Within the framework of innovative project Disklavier-Russia (Association of laureates of Tschaikovsky competition; Yamaha)

Projects |

What is music and how it acts upon us

From multimedia project "Invitation", partition "Answers on questions, that have no answers"

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